Ho Sin Sul

Ho Sin Sul is the Korean name given to extractions from being grabbed. While sparring and fighting are often seen by martial artists as glamorous, extracting yourself from being grabbed is likely more valuable as it is much more likely to happen. Ho Sin Sul is used when an attacker grabs your clothes, wrists, or body in an attempt to steal you away or hold you captive.

Many of the Ho Sin Sul are not practical as defined or practiced, but are instead intended to illustrate concepts that you should understand. For instance, the First Degree Black Belts (Cho Dans) learn a technique that begins with performing a side-kick to the attacker's knee and then grabbing the attacker's wrist (of the the hand that grabbed you). Clearly, the attacker will let go when you shatter their knee, but still the various concepts are valid. It would be impossible to practice every possible attack / counter-attack.

At many of the Black Belt test, the students are asked to defend them selves against multiple "grabbers" - something we virtually never practice (formally anyways) in class. The goal of the test is to see if the student can apply in an unscripted venue the principles of Ho Sin Sul.

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  1. i live in korea and i first know that tae kwan do is related with gun or sword. interesting.


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