Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to Karate School

As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I still chuckle when I see the commercials for Back to School shopping with the Christmas song playing; seeing the parents skipping with glee and kids somberly dragging behind. I have fully lived both sides of that scenario.

For many martial artists, September marks a return to the Do Jang (training hall) as they have taken the summer months off for vacations, house projects, summer camps, and other time-consuming activities.

Now it is back to (karate) school.

Or maybe not. Are you afraid you’ve forgotten too much? Maybe you’re not in the best shape, having had a few too many hot dogs. Maybe you’re just not sure you’re as interested as last spring.

You can do it!

Feelings of apprehension are normal. Remember that you didn’t start martial arts on a whim, you had a goal. You wanted to achieve something. You still can.

You can do it.

Now that you’ve had that vacation, or painted the house, or survived camp, start gearing up for your return to the Do Jang. Stretch a little, walk through some of your hyung (forms / patterns / kata). Maybe you’re a little foggy on some, but you remember others.

Clean your uniform, and straighten out your gym bag. Look at the calendar and figure out a schedule that gets you back into the classes you want. Concentrate on moving forward with your training and progressing to the next step.

Make a list of questions for your instructor to review your weaker forms. Ask about the next test, and how best to prepare. Think positively and take control of your return to training.

You can do it!

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