Sunday, September 22, 2013

Update to Pyung Ahn Ill Soo Sik #5

This post is for Black Belt students of International Tang Soo Do.

The Pyung One Step Sparring drills are an important element in learning and practicing self defense. As with all of the One Step Sparring drills we learn techniques, distance, and timing. Generally we learn those qualities in that order. Timing can be the hardest.

Recently (as of 2013) Pyung Ahn Sam Dan #1 (Black Belt One Step #5 - if you can keep THAT straight!) was changed so as to be more consistent with the others. In essence, the attacker used to win, and now the defender wins, which is much more in line with Tang Soo Do philosophy.

I have updated the description here, although the photo shoot to fix the pics will take a while longer. I have noted the image discrepancies where necessary.

Enjoy and Practice!

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