Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finding Blog Material

“This is going to end up in one of your blogs, isn’t it?”

I hear that a lot. Usually after the discovery of some inane slice of non-logic, or the presence of incredible misfortune.

A friend and I were driving down the road when the car in front of us put on the their right turn signal. The car slowed down and turned left.

“This is going to end up in one of your blogs, isn’t it?”

My wife and I stayed in a hotel recently where the following exchange took place:

Hotel Front Desk Agent, “What would you like me to do about our pillows that reek of human sweat, Mrs. Meredith?”
Mrs. Meredith, “Burn them, scatter the ashes. Bring me a new set.”
Hotel Front Desk Agent, “Yes, Mrs. Meredith. Right away, Mrs. Meredith”

[Later] Mrs. Meredith to Mr. Meredith, “This is going in your blog, isn’t it?”
Mr. Meredith, “Very likely.”

The only other question I get as often is, “Where do you come up with all the material you blog about?” Trust me, finding material is not the problem. Finding time to write it all down between therapy sessions - that’s a problem.

I know that I’m not alone. Our entire legal system is based on the concept of precedent, i.e. interpreting the law today as it has been interpreted in the past. Consistency of interpretation leads to a stable society. Yes, this can cause the nation to perpetuate very-dated ill-conceived notions, but having a predictable legal system is a cornerstone of civilization.

I just want a world that is sane and predictable. I completely understand that novelty and variety are the spices of life, and I enjoy a good surprise. For instance, the auto dealership that performed my state inspection promised to be done by noon and said that the cost of the service would be covered by my service plan. When both came true I was surprised and I liked it. See!

What I won’t mention is that the dealership’s on-line web site displayed a check-box so I could indicate that I needed a shuttle van to drive me home after dropping off the car - but failed to mention in any WAY, SHAPE, or FORM that said shuttle service was not available on Saturdays.

Seriously? How can you not tell the customer (who can only drive one car at a time) that the free shuttle service is not available on the one day most customers have available to have service?

Sigh. It’s only a three mile walk back home.

I called my wife to come pick me up, and you know what she said?

“This is going to end up in one of your blogs, isn’t it?”

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