Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rudolf the Red Belt Reindeer

The martial arts are old; very old. There are even stories of drawings depicting our pre-human ancestors practicing basic stances drawn on cave walls. Legend has it that before ghost stories, our fore fathers sang uplifting hymns around campfires about their favorite martial artists. Some of these songs are with us still, although the original lyrics have been lost to antiquity.

Through extensive research that involved a quantity of celebratory libations and assorted mixtures of holiday liquids, I have uncovered one such ancient testimonial.

Unfortunately, I do not have the music, so just use whatever tune pops into your head.

You know Jet Li, and Jackie, and Chuckie, and Bruce,
Seagal, and von Dam, and Lucy the Lui

But do you recall, the most famous one of them all?

Rudolf the Red Belt Reindeer,
was a timid sort of fawn.
and if you ever met him,
you might roll your eyes and yawn.

All of the other reindeer,
used to taunt and poke his nose.
until it swelled and reddened,
you’d think, in fact, it even glowed.

Then one foggy Christmas eve,
Master came to say.
Rudolf if you don’t off-slack,
I will turn your belt to black.

Then how the reindeer looked up,
and they saw tenacity.
Rudolf the Red Belt Reindeer,
You have earned your First Degree.

1 comment:

  1. That is THE best version of that song ever- my first smile since being promoted to red belt a few days ago. With this song - Pal che so will be a piece of cake: if a reindeer can do it- so can I! :-)


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