Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving in the Dojang

As of October, this blog was read by martial artists in over 26 countries, so I’ll beg a little forgiveness for directing this post to my readers in the United States. This week we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving; an annual celebration of our heritage, all that we to be thankful for; and an opportunity to eat like gluttons and watch endless American Football.

I plan to engage in two separate preparation sessions for “Biggest Loser”, one at midday and the other at supper. Assuming someone rolls me into the car at the end of the food-fest, I will enter a tryptophan induced coma for several days.

One must always keep in mind that the martial arts grew out of periods of oppression when common folk were prohibited from having weapons. While we Americans relish our Constitution, and specifically the 2nd Ammendment which gives us the right to own firearms, there are those in other countries, and certainly in times past, where such devices of personal protection were unlawful.

Wait; Thanksgiving is on Thursday, I will be teaching the Saturday morning class at 9:30 AM. Scratch the whole multi-day coma thing.

We should not take for granted that we have the opportunity to learn a martial art, and that even in those countries where guns are allowed, there are many places within those countries where they are prohibited (Airports for example). Your self defence skills can never be checked at the door - and for that, your can be thankful.

This year, I advise, suggest, allow, and even encourage you to eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy the blessing of bounty, of friends, and of the good fortune you have in being able to grow as a person and a martial artist.

In other words, pig out. Go for it. Eat, sleep, grown, suffer.

Then hit the dojang hard. Come ready to work on lowering your stance, punching with vigor, stretching your kicks, and letting the sweat escape from every pore you have. Be thankful, then be aggressive in your training.

I’ll help. He he.

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