Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is Violence Ever the Answer?

Is violence ever the right answer?  I would hope that mankind can evolve to a point that the question could be answered No.  For now, in the context of planet Earth, given the social, political, and natural environments in which we live and work, violence is sometimes going to be the right answer.

We’ve all seen the video out of Australia of the bully that was body slammed after picking on a classmate; a classmate that had apparently been the target of assaults before.  I’ll forgo any comment on his technique, but the exact right thing happened.  I know, I get it, we shouldn’t condone violence in our schools.  Tell that to the boy that was taunting and punching his victim. 

If I were the principal of the school I would not have punished or suspended either of these boys because … the right thing already happened. At most I would have seen to the injuries of the skinny runt, and then explained to him that he learned a valuable life lesson - sometimes bullied people(s) rise up and body slam you.  You never know where or when or who, but make no mistake bullies will get their due.

It’s possible my position is jaded as a result of teaching a defensive martial art, Tang Soo Do.  We don’t teach how to beat people up, rather we engage in self defense.  Literally every combination of techniques begins with a defensive move.  As such, I’m confident that our art will not be exploited by aggressors, bullies, and skinny runts bent on toppling the big kid.

But even with a defensive mindset - sometimes, violence is the answer.

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  1. Violence is rarely the answer, but when it is, it is the only answer...and you better be damn good at it.


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