Saturday, January 1, 2011

Red Belt Ho Sin Sul - Same Side Grabs

Four same side grabs; These techniques should be practiced with the opponent grabbing either the right or left wrists with their left or right hands. In the examples below, the description is given as if the opponent grabs your right wrist with their left hand. Note: Most #4’s are loop-de-loops.

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their left hand [See first image to the right]. Brief: elbow, groin, back-fist, Yuk Soo Do. You are
    going to rotate your arm, your elbow specifically, so that your elbow ends up ‘inside’ of their elbow and lower than their elbow. This will put pressure on their thumb and break the grip they have on your wrist. Immediately strike the opponent’s groin with your right fist [Second image below]. Pull the right hand back and under your left arm. Then with a swift motion, strike their right temple with a back-fist. With the right leg step to the right into a front-stance and with an arching motion (initially upward and then downward) strike the opponent at the base of the neck with a left ridge-hand. The left arm moves in a clockwise motion, first upward and then downward to strike [Third image below].

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their left hand. Brief: Wrist grab, neck soo do, knee to chest. With the right hand very quickly rotate just the wrist clockwise and grab the opponent’s wrist. As this is occurring, step in towards opponent with the right foot [See image right]. Immediately bring your left hand up to your neck and then sudo the opponent’s right neck [See next image below]. Leave the sudo at the neck so you can grab the opponent around the back of the neck. Squeeze and pull them in and downward as your left knee strikes them in the face or chest [Last image below].

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their left hand. Brief: Bend them over, right kick to stomach, step behind and elbow strike. With your left hand reach over and lay your palm over the back of the opponent’s hand [See image right]. Your fingers should wrap around the attacker’s hand below the pinky where the hand is fleshy and your thumb should press between the attacker’s thumb and first finger. Rotate all three hands counter clockwise stepping (with the right foot) back as you do. Stop rotating when the opponent’s hand is parallel to the floor or when they are bent over as far as they can go without snapping their arm [See next image below]. At this point transfer control of their left arm (the hand they originally grabbed you with) to your left hand. With the right foot front snap kick the stomach [See image #3]. Hold your foot, knee bent for a pause, and then stomp down into a horse-riding stance behind their outstretched arm and strike the base of their neck with your left elbow [Last image below]. Note: When striking the back of the neck with your elbow you must be behind their arm, not in front of it.

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their right hand. Brief: Loop-de-loop, front snap kick, reverse punch. Grab attacker’s right wrist with your left hand [See image right]. Step with the left leg to the right into a front stance, all the while keeping all four hands low. Now, turn right-ward all the way around, ducking underneath [First image below] (NOT raising the hands above the shoulders) turning until you are facing opponent. With your right foot kick his chest [Second image below] and then punch his face with your left hand [Last image below]. Note: The kick should be a front-snap kick. This means that as you loop underneath the opponent’s arm you should not pull your right foot behind you. Also, when you are done your right hand should have firm grip on their thumb.

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