Saturday, January 1, 2011

Red Belt Ho Sin Sul - One on One Grabs

Four hand to hand grabs (One on one); in the examples below the opponent grabs your right hand with their left and your left hand with their right. Note: NUMBER THREE is a loop-de-loop

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with his left hand [See image right] and your left wrist with his right. Step to the right rotating both hands counter-clockwise until your hands are up beside your right ear [First image below]. If the opponent's hands are down by their side strike their face with two soo dos [Last image below]. If their hands are up, strike their midsection with two soo do's.

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with his left hand, your left wrist with his right. Swing your left hand to the right and grab their right wrist with your right hand, thus freeing your left hand [See image right]. Using the back of your open left hand backslap the attacker’s groin [First image below]. With the same left hand grab the opponent’s right hand at the base by the little finger. Pull their right hand off and raise it above your head. With the right foot, step to the left. Now with your left foot, step under the up-raised arms [Second image below] and continue turning until you face them again. In the process of turning you will have twisted their wrist so much that significant pressure is on their arm [Last image below]. The figure below is misleading in that the palm of the opponent’s right hand should be turned (by you) until it is flat against their chest and you should be standing more behind than beside the attacker. Put more pressure on the wrist by bending it downward and backward with a short snap, breaking it. With the free right hand punch their body.

  1. (Loop de Loop )Attacker grabs your right wrist with his left hand, your left writ with his right. This is difficult to describe. With your right hand grab the opponent’s right wrist. Your left hand grabs their left wrist [See image right]. Figure it out. Loop under their arms like other Ho Sin Sul. When you are done the opponent will be bent to the left or the right exposing their rib cage. Perform a front-leg, side-kick [See image below] to their belly and then, with the opposite fist, punch their face.

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with his left hand, your left writ with his right. ("Look at your palms") With one motion, the right hand moves left while the left hand moves right, crossing each other and rising until the fingers of both hands are pointing upward and the open palms are towards your face [See image right]. The left hand should be closer to your face, i.e. on the inside. The thumb of their right hand will be locked between the outsides of your two thumbs. Rotate the right hand away from your face and grab the opponent’s right wrist [First image below]. As this is being done you should be turning your whole body to the right. Pull the left hand free by turning your wrist and hand toward your own face [Last image below - not this image is from the opposite viewpoint]. Once free, pull the opponent closer with the right hand as you soo do their neck with your left hand.

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