Saturday, January 1, 2011

Red Belt Ho Sin Sul - Cross Hand Grabs

Four cross hand grabs; these examples assume the opponent grabs your right hand with their right hand. Note: #4 is a loop-de-loop.

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their right hand [See image right]. Brief: Front stance elbow strike, pull-back soo do to neck, head strike, groin strike. Open your right hand like a stop sign - this is to get the finger of your right hand higher (over top of) than their grabbing hand. With the right foot, step towards the opponent (front stance) so that your right foot is between the opponent’s feet but closer to their left foot. At the same time swing your elbow inward toward the opponent until your elbow strikes the opponent’s chest [First image below]. Immediately pull your right hand back under your left arm, twisting to the left slightly as you move. Strike the right side of their neck with a right-hand Soo do[Second image below]. Step to your right with your right foot and strike the right side of your attacker’s jaw with a Jang Kwan Kong Kyuck (your left open palm) [Third image below]. Leaving your hand there, strike their groin with your right open palm [Last image below]. Grab their groin and pull back while pushing with the other palm.

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their right hand. Brief: "Pledge of Allegiance". Begin by bringing your left hand up to your chest as if preparing for the Pledge of Allegiance [See image right]. As you step to the right with your right foot, turn your right palm upward (clockwise against their thumb) and continue pulling until your hand is freed. Keep your right elbow tight against your side, not pulling back. At the same time your left open knife hand reaches up to your right shoulder and then strikes the left side of the opponent’s neck [First image below]. As you pivot left toward the attacker into a Front Stance, the right open palm strikes the left side of the opponent’s jaw [Second image below]. Keep the left hand against the attacker's face. The left hand pulls back and then open hand strikes the groin [Last image below]. Grab and pull back while pushing with the right palm.

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their right hand. Brief: Reach over, counterclockwise loop-de-loop, reverse elbow to temple with stomp. With your left hand reach over and grab the opponent’s left hand with your thumb on the back of their hand and your fingers wrapped around their thumb [See image right]. Rotate all three hands counterclockwise. As the hands reach the top of the circle you should be able in one move to push forward with your forearm and simultaneously push their wrists inward like a hinge [First image below]. Once the wrist is bent you will be able to hold it in place with the pressure of your left thumb. Step with your right foot to the left and behind his right leg setting down into a horse-riding stance. When you’re done you will have turned your back on the opponent [Second image below]. Strike the right side of his head with your right elbow [Last image below]. (T.A.C. does not show a stomp).

  1. Attacker grabs your right wrist with their left hand. Brief: Loop-de-loop, head butt. Grab their left wrist with your left hand [See image right]. Stepping to the left, cross in front of the opponent and underneath his arm [First image below] (You have to get low, don't raise their arm). Continue turning until you are again facing him and he is bent over [Second image below]. Lift the front/right left knee; stomp with the right foot and head butt (Pak Chi Kee) his face [Last image below] (nose, forehead,…).

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