Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pyung Ahn Sam Dan Ill Soo Sik #2

While most Pyung Ahn one step sparing techniques begin from the Chun Be position, with the opponent in the Front Stance/Low Block position - this one is different. The person who begins by stepping back into a low block is the attacker (offense), while the other person is the defender (defense).

Begin as follows:
Offense:Step backward with the right foot and execute a left hand low block. Ki yup.
Defense:Step backward with the right foot into a horse-riding stance, with both fists chambered on your hips. While you will be looking at your partner, your body will actually be facing 900 away from them (See the first image below), Ki yup.

Black Belt Pyung One Step Number 6. (Pyung Sam Dan #2)

Offense:Step back to a low block with the right leg back. Ki Yup.
Defense:Step back with the right foot into a horse-riding stance. Place the fisted hands on each hip reminiscent of Pyung Sam Dan. Ki yup.
Offense:Step forward with the right foot into a front stance and execute a face-high punch.
Defense:With the right foot, execute an outside-inside kick to block the incoming face punch. Step down into another horse-riding stance with the right leg toward the attacker.
Offense:With the left fist execute a reverse middle punch.
Defense:Block the incoming punch with a right elbow strike. Leave the fist on the hip as you block. Execute an overhead strike with the right fist.
Offense:Capture the overhead strike with a high cross block. The hands must pull back to the right hip and then quickly move to block the strike. The right hand should be closer to you.
Defense:Pivot to a right leg leading front stance executing a left hand reverse middle punch to the solar plexus.

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