Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pyung Ahn Sam Dan Ill Soo Sik #1

Pyung Ahn one step sparing techniques begin from the Chun Be position, with the opponent in the Front Stance/Low Block position. The person who begins by stepping back into a low block is the attacker (offense), while the other person is the defender (defense).

Begin as follows:
Offense:Step backward with the right foot and execute a left hand low block. Ki yup.
Defense:From chun be position, Ki yup.

Black Belt Pyung One Step Number 5. (Pyung Sam Dan #1)
This technique was changed in 2013. The text below is correct, however some of the images are incorrect as noted in the captions.

Offense:Step forward with the right leg into a front stance and execute a middle punch.
Defense:Step back with the right leg and execute a two fist middle block to the left side. Step forward with the right leg and execute a chun dan kwan soo kong kyuck.
Offense:Step back with the right leg into a front stance and trap the incoming kwan soo between the palms of both hands.
Defense:Turn the right hand counter clockwise as you turn leftward completely around, landing in a horse-riding stance with the left leg leading. During this turn, perform an overhead hammer fist strike with the left fist.
Offense:Step back with the left leg into a fighting stance and execute a right hand high block.
Defense:With the left foot, step outward and execute a reverse middle punch with the right fist.
Offense:Skip back without switching feet into a fighting stance and block downward with the right open hand the incoming punch.
Defense:Using the punching hand rotate the wrist so to push their blocking hand downward out of the way. Execute an inside/outside kick with the right leg setting the kicking leg done in front. Swing the left leg up and in front of the opponent. In one motion strike the back of the opponent’s neck with the left hand between the thumb and index finger not unlike yuk soo do and sweep the attacker’s legs with your left leg. As they fall, continue holding their neck with your left hand and prepare for a punch with the right.
Correction: Image is backwards, the person on the right should be in attack position, and the person on the left should be in Chun Be.

Correction: Image is incorrect. The person on the right should switch hands and feet. 

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