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Pyung Ahn One Step Sparring

Pyung Ahn One Step Sparring is an advanced Black Belt training technique that builds upon the Gup-level One Step Sparring drills that are taught to White through Red Belts.  One Steps, as it's name implies are a scripted, series of attack and defense sparring techniques that help the student learn techniques, distance, and timing.

Beginning with the Red Belt One Steps, these cease to be truly "One Step" drills as each involves a series of moves and counter moves.  At the Black Belt level, we introduce multiple steps for both the defender (as we teach the Red Belts), and also the attacker. Additionally, at the Black Belt level, it is not always the defender who "wins" the exchange.

The techniques summarized below build upon the Pyung Ahn Hyung, thus the name Pyung Ahn One Steps, or more correctly, Pyung Ahn Ill Soo Sik. Each of the the drills below include elements of the Pyung Ahn forms.  For instance, in the first drill, Pyung Ahn Cho Dan Number 1, you will see a low block (to block a kick), followed by an overhead hammer strike, and then a middle punch. This come directly from the form Pyung Ahn Cho Dan steps #3 through #5. In this case the defender is executing a move from the Pyung Ahn form and is thus the "winner" of the exchange.

Each technique has a specific winner. For some, the attacker will win, others the defender, but it is always the person who is executing a Pyung Ahn technique. It is the students responsibility to identify the elements of the Pyung Ahn One Steps that are derived from the Pyung Ahn Hyung.

Below is a summary of each of the techniques.  The title of each is a hyperlink that will take you to a detailed description with sketching for clarity.

Quick Hints:
  1. Pyung Ahn Cho Dan #1
  • O: Front kick, high block, step back middle knife
  • D: Low Block, overhead hammer strike, middle punch, front kick, elbow strike
  • Defense Wins

  1. Pyung Ahn Cho Dan #2
  • O: Kick, punch, step back push-out block, back wheel kick
  • D: Low block, knife block, reverse punch, step back
  • Offense Wins

  1. Pyung Ahn E Dan #1
  • O: Punch, punch, circle block, step behind lapel grab, kneel, circle throw
  • D: Pyong E Dan block, block, upper-cut, horse riding stance side punch
  • Offense Wins

  1. Pyung Ahn E Dan #2
  • O: Punch, fall, block punch, toss, kneeling round kick
  • D: Inside/outside block, grab, kick, punch, sweep, punch
  • Offense Wins

  1. Pyung Ahn Sam Dan #1
  • O: Kwan soo, hammer fist, reverse punch, inside/outside kick, step/sweep
  • D: Catch, high block, circle block, fall
  • Offense Wins

  1. Pyung Ahn Sam Dan #2
  • O: Punch, punch, high x-block
  • D: Outside/inside kick, elbow block, reverse punch
  • Defense wins

  1. Pyung Ahn Sa Dan
  • O: Hammer fist, low knife block, middle knife block, double outside/inside fist strike
  • D: Open hand high block & neck strike, kick, jump side block, double sudo block, right knee kick 
  • Defense Wins

  1. Pyung Ahn O Dan
  • O: Front kick, hammer fist, step back push out block, turning kneeling back kick
  • D: Low x-block, high x-block, middle punch, middle x-block, groin kick
  • Defense Wins

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