Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pyung Ahn E Dan Ill Soo Sik #2

Pyung Ahn one step sparing techniques begin from the Chun Be position, with the opponent in the Front Stance/Low Block position. The person who begins by stepping back into a low block is the attacker (offense), while the other person is the defender (defense).

Begin as follows:
Offense:Step backward with the right foot and execute a left hand low block. Ki yup.
Defense:From chun be position, Ki yup.

Black Belt Pyung One Step Number 4. (Pyung E Dan #2)

Offense:Step forward with the right leg into a front stance and execute a punch to the face with the right fist.
Defense:Step to the left into a front stance and perform an inside-outside block with the right hand to block the incoming punch. With your right hand, grab the arm of the hand that punched. With the right leg front snap-kick the opponent’s right rib cage. Set the right foot down slightly to the right (your left) of the opponent’s right foot. With the left fist, execute a reverse punch to the face. Grab the attacker’s right shoulder with your left hand and pull it towards you as you sweep kick their right foot with your left foot. (this is why you placed your right foot to the left of theirs, so it does not block your sweep) With the right fist, punch the opponent’s face.

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