Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pyung Ahn Cho Dan Ill Soo Sik

Pyung Ahn one step sparing techniques begin from the Chun Be position, with the opponent in the Front Stance/Low Block position. The person who begins by stepping back into a low block is the attacker (offense), while the other person is the defender (defense).

Begin as follows:
Offense:Step backward with the right foot and execute a left hand low block. Ki yup.
Defense:From chun be position, Ki yup.

Black Belt Pyung One Step Number 1. (Pyung Cho Dan #1)

Offense:With the back (right) leg execute a front kick.
Defense:Step back with the left foot into a fighting stance. Rotating the right arm counter clockwise, block the kick with an open palm.
Offense:Step down with the right foot and execute a right arm high block.
Defense:Straighten the legs by sliding the left foot to meet the right foot rotating the right arm clockwise and execute an overhead hammer strike.
Defense:Step toward the attacker with the left foot into a front stance and execute a face-high punch.
Offense:Step back with the right leg into a fighting stance (left foot forward) and execute a middle knife hand block.
Defense:With the left hand grab the opponent’s punching wrist. With the back leg (right) execute a front snap kick to the attacker’s midsection setting down in a right leg-leading front stance. With the left hand still holding the attacker’s write twist and pull the attacker’s arm, shift into a horse-riding stance, and perform a downward elbow strike to the attacker’s elbow/neck/back.

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