Saturday, January 1, 2011

Long Distance Fighting

For children under 12, these Long Distance Techniques are taught and tested instead of the One Step Sparring techniques as developmentally, it is very difficult for children to understand and demonstrate the simultaneous movements of the partners required to master the One Steps.

The children start by facing each other, bowing, and then stepping away from each other with two big steps, ending in a Fighting Stance with the left leg in front. As they place their right foot down on the last move they need to yell loudly (Ki-yup).

The defender (pick one), simply stays in place while the attacker does one complete attack. For #1, the attacker would block downward with their left forearm, followed by a reverse punch with their right hand. The attacker then executes a front snap kick with the right (back leg), followed by a round kick with the left leg. The left leg is set down in a left-leg leading front stance, and the attacker ends with a right side punch, followed by a left side punch. All the kicks should be high kicks, and all the moves; blocks, punches, and kicks, must be accompanied by a loud scream.

When done (after the last punch, the attacker should be very close to the defender without having passed him by.  The attacker then steps backward a number of times to return to their starting point - but does not turn their back on the defender.
  1. Block, Punch, Front Snap Kick, Round Kick, Punch, Punch
  2. Block, Punch, Right leg Round Kick, left leg Round Kick, Punch, Punch
  3. Block, Punch, Round Kick, Round Kick, Back Kick, Punch, Punch
  4. Block, Punch, Round Kick, Round Kick, Jump Front Snap Kick, Punch, Punch
  5. Block, Punch, Round Kick, Jump Side Kick, Back Kick, Punch, Punch
  6. Block, Punch, Round Kick, Round Kick, Back Kick, Back Kick, Punch, Punch
  7. Block, Punch, Outside/Inside Hook Kick, Jump Back Kick, Punch, Punch
  8. Block, Punch, Round Kick, Back Turning Round Kick (Same leg), Punch, Punch
  9. Block, Punch, Skip Front (right) Leg Round Kick, Quick Switch Foot, Skip Front (Left) Leg Round Kick, Punch, Punch
  10. Block, Punch, Execute Continuous Round Kicks with the back leg up to four Times, Back Wheel Kick, Punch, Punch

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