Saturday, January 1, 2011

7th Gup Test Prep

(Orange Belt for Orange Belt with one stripe)

As an Orange Belt testing for a stripe, this will be your third test and you will be starting to get the feel for these events. You will likely make technical mistakes. The judges will understand and cut you a little slack.

In Tang Soo Do, you will be required to break a board at this test. The breaks get progressively harder and you should listen to your instructors and follow their instructions very closely.

Again you will be required to demonstrate basic stances, techniques such as blocks and punches, and you will have to spar. Note here that in Tang Soo Do you will have to demonstrate two new hyung, not just one. This will not happen again until you are a 1st Degree Black Belt.

The single most important element of your this test, and this will remain true throughout your training, is to demonstrate a good attitude and respect for your instructors, your fellow students and (very important) yourself.

Don’t admonish yourself. Ever.

Always answer with a loud “Yes sir” or whatever the expected response is in your school. We expect you to demonstrate a good attitude and self confidence from the very first test. This is the single most important element of your test, and you should demonstrate these qualities in every class and test from here on.

Tang Soo Do Test Requirements for Orange Belt (7th Gup)
  • One Step Sparring Hand: #5 & #6.
  • One Step Sparring Kicking: #5 & #6.
  • Outside to Inside Soo Do Chop (Pakeso Anro Sudo Kong Kyuck)
While rarely tested, adults should also learn Self Defense Extractions #5 & #6

Remember that the testing panel can ask you to demonstrate any material on which you have been previously tested. Practice everything you have been taught!

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