Saturday, January 1, 2011

5th Gup Test Prep

(Green Belt testing for Green Belt with a stripe)

This is a big deal, and you should appreciate the achievement. As a Green Belt, you should not only know some of the basic self-defense techniques, you should be able to execute with some proficiency.

The vast majority of students who drop out, do so at the Green Belt level, and most of them from boredom, not failure.

You know the routine. Be prepared. You should be helping to set up for the tests and clean up afterwords.

Always answer with a loud “Yes sir” or whatever the expected response is in your school. We expect you to demonstrate a good attitude and self confidence from the very first test. This is the single most important element of your test, and you should demonstrate these qualities in every class and test from here on.

Tang Soo Do Test Requirements for Green Belt with a stripe (5th Gup)

While rarely tested, adults should also learn Self Defense Extractions #9 & #10.

Remember that the testing panel can ask you to demonstrate any material on which you have been previously tested. Practice everything you have been taught!

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