Saturday, January 1, 2011

3rd Gup Test Prep

(Green Belt with two stripes testing for Red Belt)

Red Belt? Seriously? Yes, and if you've been coming to class and practicing, you are ready!

You are an intermediate level practitioner and your attitude and approach should exceed your abilities - and your abilities should be strong.

If you still make mistakes in your form, or you don't know (down pat / cold!) the One Steps, Fighting Techniques, or other test elements... You... Should .... Not.... Test!!

Parents, test your kids. You might not know all the moves, but you know what hesitation and doubt look like, right? Do... not... ask... the... instructor... if your little darling can test anyways because:
  • He was sick
  • She's had a rough time in school
  • Well, with soccer and Mathletics, and CCD, and swimming....
  • The Master didn't teach him everything
  • It's hard and everyone makes mistakes
There is only one reason ever, ever, ever for not being ready to test. The student didn't practice enough. The confidence of martial arts does not come from hollow platitudes, it comes from achievement.

You know the routine. Be prepared. You should be helping to set up for the tests and clean up afterwords.

Always answer with a loud “Yes sir” or whatever the expected response is in your school. We expect you to demonstrate a good attitude and self confidence from the very first test. This is the single most important element of your test, and you should demonstrate these qualities in every class and test from here on.

Tang Soo Do Test Requirements for Red Belt (3rd Gup)

While rarely tested, adults should also learn Self Defense Extractions #13, 14 & #15.

Remember that the testing panel can ask you to demonstrate any material on which you have been previously tested. Practice everything you have been taught!

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