Saturday, January 1, 2011

1st Degree Black Belt Test Prep

(Blue Belt with a stripe testing for Black Belt)

You should be executing at the Black Belt level in everything you do and say.  You no longer need an instructor to motivate you or point out your weaknesses.

There is lot to know and demonstrate. If you are not ready or able to demonstrate ALL of your forms, ALL of your techniques, ALL of your One Steps, and ALL of your Extractions, then do not test. If your instructor says you should test and you know you cannot do everything, don't test.

Parents, your child fail if they cannot perform. Do not ask for exceptions outside of clear medical situations.

Always answer with a loud “Yes sir” or whatever the expected response is in your school. We expect you to demonstrate a good attitude and self confidence from the very first test. This is the single most important element of your test, and you should demonstrate these qualities in every class and test from here on.

Note: I personally witnessed as a spectator a test for Instructor Certification (all participants were 2nd Degree Black Belts) in which the participants failed to provide loud confident answers to simple commands (eg. Stand up. Bow to the Flags, etc). Before the first actual test requirements was announced, our Grand Master failed everybody and sent them home.

You must exhibit strong confident answers.

Tang Soo Do Test Requirements for Black Belt:

*** Know everything ***

Remember that the testing panel can ask you to demonstrate any material on which you have been previously tested. Practice everything you have been taught!

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