Friday, July 11, 2008

Making the Case for IMAF

IMAF is an acronym that stands for the International Martial Arts Federation, and it is currently a fictional organization but an organization which the world needs. Across the world of athletics, there are organizations that represent entire sports and the teams that play those sports. If you really think about it, Martial Arts is considered a sport, yet it does not have one of these “leagues.” It is true that there are small leagues made up of one type of martial art. For example, the International Tang Soo Do and International Tae Kwon Do Federations represent both martial arts separately, but there is no unifying umbrella under which all martial arts can compete. This is where IMAF would come in. I have found 24 major categories of martial arts which exist in the world today, and the reality is that there are hundreds of subdivisions of those martial arts. IMAF’s job would be to round up as many martial arts as possible and put them under one competitive roof. A one-time, lifetime membership fee would be charged to all martial arts schools/corporations that wish to join. IMAF would hold tournaments on the national and international level. We all know that competition breeds better martial artists, and IMAF would be responsible for holding those competitions. In today’s world of martial arts, it seems that every martial art is trying to stand out as its own unique entity. In truth, however, the world of martial arts has very thin lines which are constantly being blurred. With the lines between the different arts somewhat undefined, I believe that it is time for a large unifying body to bring the world of martial arts together. If that happens, the exposure of martial arts would be so drastic, that it may just be resurrected into the spotlight under which it used to be. I believe that it’s time to unify; I believe it’s time for IMAF.

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